Wednesday, March 26, 2008

How did we spend our 15th Anniversary???

Bet you didn't guess at a Flag Football game! Jack's first game was last Thursday night (the 20th) so we all packed up (after Jack's guitar practice) and headed to the field. It got really cold when the sun went down but our team won the game and we had a great time. In all fairness, Russ and I went to dinner at Atkins Park (YUM!) on Wednesday night to celebrate our anniversary and then went shopping at TJ Maxx. You can tell we are getting old!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Official Easter Pictures

Hopping Down The Bunny Trail.....

The Easter Bunny always leaves a trail of eggs leading the kids to their baskets from their rooms. Sam was so ready when he woke up - he grabbed his basket and started to gather his eggs. When he saw his brothers picking up their eggs, he paused and just watched them, taking it all in. He really learns by watching, and he is always so eager. He was delighted with his basket goodies. Emma's favorite treat was a crown of roses for her hair. She immediately put it on and even wore it to church. She just looked beautiful!

Mamna's Annual Easter Egg Hunt

Sam would not pick up the eggs that were open - he skipped them all until we showed him how to snap them back together

Finders of the Golden Egg

Every year my mom has all of the grandchildren to her house for a big egg hunt. This year things have been a little different because my mom's 60th birthday falls over Easter weekend. I planned a party for her on Saturday with friends and family so she had thought that she might just skip the hunt this year. The kids were so upset when they found out! It is great to see that the 10 and 12 year olds still regard this as one of their favorite family traditions. She had treats for every one and they grilled out hotdogs. The greatest prize is to find one of the golden eggs. Robbie was so ready for the eggs this year - he ran out screaming, smiling, his golden hair lifting with each bounce. It just made me smile. The kids always enjoy the time with their cousins - they are best friends. Sam was so thrilled - this was his first egg hunt and he kept up with all the others. It is a joy to see him finally getting to experience all of these little family traditions.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Today was all about GREEN! We had so much fun - we spent over an hour at the dinner table. We did not have any activities or obligations this afternoon after Cub Scouts so we were able to have an evening all together. Emma helped me turn the apple sauce green, and she was so proud of herself. We had an all green dinner and we also made Lime Freezes (lime sherbert and 7-Up) like my grandmother made me when I was little. We really enjoyed slowing down and just being together. And Sam finally learned his first color - GREEN, of course!