Saturday, January 06, 2007


We must have been really good again this year because Santa left a room full of toys!! Coleman and Jack both got iPods and iPod pillows, Robbie got a Spiderman tent full of Spidey jammies, slippers, dinner set and a Robopet, and Emma got a kitchen. We pulled out a surprise present for the kids from us - a Wii! They were all so surprised! There is quite a story behind our acquisition of the Wii, but I'll save that for another day! My mom, dad and brother came over for Christmas brunch and the family present extravaganza before we turned around to cook again and host my dad's huge family for Christmas dinner. We started this tradition a few years ago, and we love hosting it at our house because the kids get to stay home with all of their Christmas goodies all day long! As I have gotten older, I have really grown to appreciate family get togethers, and I cherish the time I spend with my relatives. We really had a wonderful Christmas!


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