Tuesday, January 09, 2007

ABC - All About Me!

I found this on a friend's blog and decided to play along.......

A - available or taken: taken
B- best friend: Kimbo (Kimberly, my best friend from college who married my husband's best friend from college - could not be better!)
C- cake or pie: depends....which kind? why can't I just have both??
D- drink of choice: Coke - not Pepsi,but good 'ole Coca Cola
E-essential item you use everyday: cell phone and now my new laptop
F-favorite color: red (okay also pink)
G-gummy bears or worms: worms, as long as they are not sour (which happens to be my kids' favorite!)
H-hometown: Atlanta, Georgia - grew up in Stone Mountain, now live in Historic Marietta (both suburbs of Atlanta)
I-indulgence: Starbucks Green Tea Frappuchino (Venti!)
J-January or February: January - My third son was born in January and we were DTC for Emma on January 31, 2005 and our dossier will go to China this month so we will have a January DTC for Sam as well!
K-kid's names: Coleman, Jack, Robbie, Emma and Sam
L-life incomplete without: family
M-marriage date: March 20, 1993
N-number of siblings: 1 brother
O-oranges or apples: again, don't make me choose - love them both
P-phobias or fears: flying (didn't make the LONG and MANY flights to and in China real fun for me or anyone around me!)
Q-favorite quote: Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.
R-reason to smile: my beautiful children
S-season: Fall - love the leaves and the pumpkins, BUT Spring is wonderful with all of the flowers and the rebirth of nature
T-tag 3 people: Kimbo, Leigh and Janice(you know who you are "our 3 kids")
U-unknown fact about me: I have a hard time making a decision - I'll bet you didn't know that about me! HA! See letters C, F, S and Y! No, seriously, I am an obsessed closet organizer - we all have different hanger colors for each family member and I hang our clothes according to sleeve length, collar and color.
V-veggie I don't like: carrots - bleck!
W-worst habit: spending too much money
X-xrays: sinuses, lungs, lots of dental lately
Y-your favorite food: ?Choices, Choices? Anything Mexican, pizza, popcorn, steak fajita quesadillas from Chili's,........
Z-zodiac: Cancer


At 2:42 PM , Blogger Terri @ In His Hands said...

I love your quote and have to see your closets! :)


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