Friday, October 13, 2006

September also brought a lot of concert opportunities for our family. Chris Isaak is my all time favorite, and he came in concert to Chastain Amphitheater which is an amazing outdoor venue where you can bring a picnic dinner and eat and enjoy the concert under the stars. My dear friend Leigh and I had an 8th row table, and we had an amazing Girls Night Out! I actually got to meet Chris - he shook my hand and signed my Chris Isaak Tshirt! I was in heaven for several days!

The next week we took Coleman and Jack to the American Idol Concert. 2nd Row Baby!!! The people in the first row in front of us fell in love with Coleman and Jack and let them stand in front of them. They got to high five all of the stars and we got the signed guitar picks for Bucky Covington and Chris Daughtry!! What a great memory to have! All of the stars made eye contact and waved at the boys, but Bucky really had a rapport going with them and actually threw his guitar pick right to them. It was just AWESOME!! I think Russ and I had as much fun as they did, and all of the people around us were so wonderful - we swapped email addressed with most of them. The nicest man actually found the Chris Daughtry guitar pick that had been thrown in the dark and no one had caught and gave it to the boys. It was so sweet! It is up there with one of our all time favorite things we have ever done!!


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