Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Relaxing on Halloween - Russ made it to one house on his crutches - He wanted to see Emma on her first Halloween at home and to see the boys' excitement! I am so glad he didn't miss it!!
Gotta Love That Sweet Little Chicken Leg (Or Is It Turkey???)

Okay, in my last post, I referred to Russ being unable to stay downstairs with the boys during the party. The week before Jack's party (invitations already sent out and RSVPs already received) Russ goes to the doctor about some trouble he is having with his foot. Long story short, he is scheduled for surgery the day before Jack's big party. We decided that it was best to go ahead and get the surgery done so that Russ would have plenty of time to recuperate before the holidays. It is the same surgery that Russ had done on his left foot last summer, but now it was time for a "matching set", as his doctor put it. The right foot is not as easy because Russ can't drive with his right foot in a cast (though he says he has been practicing with his left foot - don't worry, drivers, I put a stop to that real quick!). Tomorrow will be 2 weeks since the surgery and he will get his official cast on Friday and then that will last about another month. Total recovery time is 3 months - from the time of the surgery to the time Russ will be walking comfortably in a normal shoe. With all of the flurry of activity we have going on right now, it has been quite a challenge to keep up. I finally gave out one day and took a power nap while Emma was napping and the boys were playing. Other than that I am on schedule and still being a good mom, nurse, garbage man, veterinarian/dog groomer, taxi driver, etc..... Trying to be everything to everyone. I actually kind of like it and it gives me a nice sense of accomplishment. The kids are being great, and we are enjoying having dad around the house during the day (even if he was completely medicated for the first 10 days! Ha!)


At 12:10 AM , Blogger Sam said...

OUCH!!! Hope your hubby heals soon! Hang in there, Super Mom!


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