Sunday, August 13, 2006

Well, it is that time of year again - the mad scurry of last minute haircuts, shoe shopping (only to find that your babies have grown 2 shoe sizes over the summer!), freshly sharpened pencils, and new back packs - yep, it is time to go Back To School! Last year saw many changes in our family with the adoption of Chong Si Yue, now known as Emma Grace or, as we affectionately call her, The Divine Miss Em. We have grown so much that our family, and our love, is bursting at the seams. We are quickly coming up on the one year anniversary of our referral for Emma and oh, how she has grown since we returned home from China last November. The boys adore her and she cannot get enough of them. I know she will miss them when they start back to school. We have had a busy summer with all four kids at home and with all of our vacations and summer activities. The house will be very quiet and it will take some getting used to. Getting back onto a regular schedule is a welcome change, but I will miss them so much! My little baby, Robbie, is starting PreK this year at the same school that his brothers, Coleman and Jack, attend. They don't stay little for long. We went for Registration last week and I have never seen a little 4 year old as excited about his "Good Start" package as my little Robbie. He jumped up and down and began talking so fast telling me all about the glue and tissues and markers and crayons and pencils, etc........ that were all in the little yellow box. It was like Christmas Morning! He could not believe his good fortune! Now he is counting down the days til school starts, much different from his apprehension of last week. He is ready - I am just not sure that I am!


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